In the recent years, Binary options trading is trending up in the financial markets and is preferred more among Forex traders. Be it the easy-to-use features, high returns, user-friendly platform in both mobile and PC, etc., there are many other benefits of using binary options and that is the reason why it excels among other forms of trading. But, it also involves its own risks. In this blog, let us look up on its significances which are aplenty.

  • Easy-to-use platform: In binary options (BO), you needn’t have to worry about setting up your take profit, stop loss, leverage etc. It’s very simple to trade BO. Just choose your currency pair, the amount, and expiry time and click one of the options. For example, In NoaFX’s platform, we provide options UP and DOWN. If you think the price will go up, then click on UP and vice-versa. That’s it, you are done. Once the expiry time is over, the trade ends and you will either win or lose.
  • Make profit both the ways: Unlike the Forex market, you needn’t have to wait for the price of the particular currency pair on which you have decided to trade to rise. Here, in this opportunities-filled market, you can make money even when the price goes down. Just analyse where the market will head and trade accordingly.
  • Not risking more than you invest: One of the best advantages of trading BO is, you know how much amount you have risked and you are also sure of the fact that you will not lose more than that amount. Hence, you can trade peacefully with the capital which you are ready to risk.
  • Instant returns: With the time period being less, unlike Forex which may extend up to months and years, you can pocket instant profits by trading in, say, a 60 seconds time frame. In BO trading, the expiry time extends to a maximum of 1 week and not more than that. (Note: The expiry time varies broker to broker)
  • Trade more: With the time period being less, you can execute more trades in a day, if you so wish. With the instant execution of trades, payouts ranging from 65 to 85%, you can pocket more profits in a day.
  • Low investment: You can trade BO with a small initial amount of deposit. For example, with NoaFX, you can start trading with as little as $1. In BO, you get the advantage of trading with minimum amount, you know how much will gain and you also are aware of how much you can risk in a trade. In brief, you risk and trade with the amount you are ready to lose. And, you don’t lose anything more than that!
  • Trade different instruments: Gain the advantage of trading different instruments such as commodities, indices, currency pairs, stocks on binary options, all in the same platform.

One of the best ways to rock this trading is to first practice well and get familiar with the platform. You can practice BO trading for free by trying out the demo version. You can also practice your demo trading in NoaFX’s, one of the leading online brokerages, by clicking here:

For any questions you might have about trading Binary Options, visit our dedicated FAQ section for Binary Options.

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  • Hosting4th September 2017 at 5:22 am

    From simple call and put options to double no touch binary options, you can work your way up to whatever level feels comfortable to you. There are also more complex options with higher returns the experienced experts can trade for big risk, big reward paydays.


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